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Hip-Hop Artist Management

Underground Railroad Entertainment Group in Memphis, TN, provides artist development that helps unknown artists get their music out to the masses.By networking with other underground sites, we provide worldwide exposure by spreading our artists' work all across the internet. 


Captivating Rap Artists

At Underground Railroad Entertainment Group, our experienced crew has been on the scene since the beginning days of Dirty Down South Memphis Signature hip-hop. We provide artist management to groups from the United States all the way to Uganda. The hip-hop mixtapes and albums released by our talented artists can be heard in online stores in 90 countries and more than 200 territories. Some of our affiliates and associates are:

• Gangsta Black

• The Second Level & Cody Mack

• OTSRecords/TheMuscle

• Skaface Al Kapone

• PowerHouse Entertainment


• Duke Deuce Live

• 8 Ball & MJG

• Lil A

• Archie Bald Head

• Graffiti Mob Entertainment

• Amsterdam Loud


• Pretty Tony

• Vito (YTE)

• Paul Tutt (I Signed Myself)

• Gangsta Pat

• DJ Zirk (2Thick)


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