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About Us

In 1988, our CEO began writing music. His son was born in 1994, at which time he decided to take a break from writing in order to be a dad. Then, as his son began to sing, he noticed the makings of a strong musical talent. From there, our CEO started Underground Railroad Entertainment Group in order to support his son’s music career.

Through word of mouth, the company expanded and gained public attention. Although originally just a single-artist management company, we soon expanded into a total in-house, one-stop shop designed to give opportunities to any artist willing to put in the necessary work.

The recording industry has changed greatly as a direct result of the internet. Labels are hungry for artists and offer distribution deals in order to get the talent they desire. Although our label does rely on word of mouth at the ground level, we are led by the internet and use that resource to reach the people who are listening for truth. Today, through award-winning, in-color, and metaphoric writing in the forms of stories, fables, and poems, our hip-hop artists are reaching the big crowds.

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